Brendan Dunn

General Manager

Brendan commenced his career in real estate working with LJ Hooker in 1973, and in 1978 with his own companies involved with residential buildings and subdivisions. Rejoining LJ Hooker in 1987, Brendan became Commercial and Industrial Manager administering the largest commercial portfolio in Darwin as well as commercial sales. Experience included acting on behalf of receivers and banks to bring property affairs in order to maximize sales returns. He has managed 7 separate shopping centres and acts as a consultant to others. Brendan has been a project manager for clients for the construction of office buildings and shopping centres and has acted in conjunction with the owners of Katherine Oasis, resulting in a successful sale ($20M). Brendan is a member of the REINT and president of the Property Council (N.T). Brendan is a member of the LI Hooker Captains Club (multimillion dollar chapter) and has been awarded as the top specialist sales person (Commercial for LJ Hooker) nationally and internationally.

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My Awards

  • LJ Hooker Champion - Bronze Medallist - Sep 2009
  • Annual SA/NT - Best Business Growth Individual - Income Earned - May 2009
  • 21 Club - Sep 2008
  • Annual SA/NT - Best Business Growth Individual - Income Earned - Jun 2007
  • Annual Australia - Top Specialist Salesperson - Commrecial - Number Of Transactions (2nd Runner Up) - Jun 2005